to have a flat tire! 
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GenSeal Tire Sealant Prices
All metal pump
on 5 Gallon bucket
“Where FLAT is not an option”

“There are a lot more expensive tire sealants, but none any better, period!

Buy directly from Gensco. Our formula, our sealant! With no middleman or third party markups


Through a one time application, GenSeal can help reduce your tire maintenance budget by:

- Extending your current tire/tread/casing life due to cooler running tires

- Reducing tire related down time and repair cost

- Reducing equipment damage due to flats and blow-outs

GENSEAL REMAINS UNMATCHED. Other sealants can use inexpensive cotton fibers, masticated paper, harsh chemicals, and even water that can rust wheels, dry out and rot away.

GenSeal is made of aramid fibers, small particles of rubber and rust inhibitors. It is guaranteed to permanently seal holes up to ¼ in any non-highway tubeless tire.

Will not rust wheels, dry out or freeze. Never needs mixing.

Water soluble - Easy cleans out with a hose and is biodegradable.

GenSeal Super Duty is too heavy for highway applications.

GenSeal truck and highway is available for high speed use.



1 Quart bottle


1 Gallon Jug


5 Gallon Bucket


55 Gallon Drum


275 Gallon Tote


All Metal Pump


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