On average, an aircraft tire will outlast truck and car tires 10 to 1.  As a result, your equipment's protection time is lengthened by the same ratio.

Aircraft Tires offer a complete uniform appearance unlike the varied tread designs of car and truck tires.  Your equipment looks better.
Aircraft tires are the BEST structurally engineered tires in the world, with-standing pressure 100 times that of a car or truck tire.  Aircraft tires are made from natural rubber and are much less susceptible to weathering, thus providing a greater life expectancy and keeping your equipment protected longer.
Truck tires, and in particular, car tires offer a low ply rating.  Typically, truck and car tires will have a 6 to 12 play rating in the tread and half the plies in the sidewall.  An aircraft tire runs double, triple or even quadruple the ply rating bead to bead.
Truck and car tires are comprised mostly of synthetic rubber compounds which become easily weathered and break down structurally when extreme amounts of pressure are applied.
Why Use Aircraft Tires Vs. Truck or Car Tires?