On average, an aircraft tire will outlast industrial tires 3 to 1.  As a result, the working time of your equipment is increased by the same ratio (due to tire related failures).

Aircraft tires are the BEST structurally engineered tires in the world, with-standing pressure 10 times that of a industrial tire.  Aircraft tires are made from mostly natural rubber and are much less susceptible to weathering, thus providing a greater life expectancy on your equipment.
Aircraft tires offer true ply ratings.  The ply rating in the sidewall is the same as it is in the tread (bead to bead).  Industrial tires offer one ply rating for the tread and usually half of that ply rating in the sidewall.

Pound for pound an aircraft tire's loading capacity can double or even triple the loading capacity of a similarly sized industrial/OTR Tire.

Industrial tires are comprised mostly of synthetic rubber compounds which become easily weathered and break down structurally when extreme amounts of pressure are applied.
Why Use Aircraft Tires vs. Industrial/OTR Tires?